CGI 3D Animated Trailers: "Super Starcore Ultra : Xtreme Turbo Burst – Character Trailer"

This is a trailer for the short film Super Starcore Ultra : Xtreme Turbo Burst, which is planned to launch alongside a mobile game of the same name. Super Starcore Ultra is an over the top science fiction universe created by Thomas Chretien, in which heroes with extraordinary valor and willpower, known as Starcore Warriors, can alter the very fabric of reality. For more information please see the details and links below :

The official facebook page is the best place to follow the project's development or contact the team.
Facebook :
Youtube :
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Credits :
Director, Editor, VFX Artist, Animator : Thomas Chretien
Lead Animator, Rigger : Xavier Trudeau Deschenes
Music : TheDiabolicalWaffle

Music provided by Argofox:
TheDiabolicalWaffle - Heroes

Music Track :
Heroes by TheDiabolicalWaffle.



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